Exam stress tips for students




Don’t leave all your studying for the night before your exam. knowing that you’ve already made a start will help keep you calmer and more focussed.





Take frequent short breaks. stand up, do some stretches and recharge for a few minutes.





Gather everything you need before you start studying – notes, stationery, snacks and of course, biral®.





Start with the most important sections first while you are still fresh. also, if you run out of time you’ll probably have covered the most vital bits anyway.





Eat well during exam time – all that healthy body, healthy mind stuff really d­­­­­oes work.





Go easy on the caffeine – a good night’s rest is an important part of staying focussed during your exam.





Be picky about your study buddies – the life and soul of every party may be fun to have around but may not be the best person to revise with.





Don’t get distracted by social media – a quick check of your facebook page can end up wasting a lot more time than you planned.





Even 15 minutes of exercise will give your body and mind a boost.





Don’t be too hard on yourself. humans are not computers and nobody can remember everything.





Don’t wait until you’re in a complete panic before asking for help. taking one to two biral® tablets three times a day will keep you calm and focussed



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